Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Time for a New menu


Well, with my restaurant head on this is always the best of fun, we always look to create not only some new dishes for everyone to try but also something interesting to produce.  As always the same important rules must apply, which are:

 Local, Natural, Artisan & Sustainable

 So with this in mind, we all make coffee and group up to bounce some ideas around, historically this works best when we come up with ideas before the way to cook it – which can lead to some culinary faux pas!

After some considerable discussion and a bottle of wholesome red ( we needed more creativity and this normally works just fine) we came up with the following  


·         Homemade Air Dried Ham - just like the Italians make – from our own pigs cured & air dried. Served with a green apple and loose leaf salad, dressed with a balsamic & desert wine vinaigrette.

·         Carrot and Red Pepper Soup - finished with chunky wholemeal croutons, a great soup with fresh warm farmhouse bread.

·         Local Wild Rabbit Terrine - a homemade coarse grain terrine, served with an apple brandy chutney and a simple salad.

·         Smoked Chicken Salad - fresh from the smoker, with AgA dried tomatoes, a warm mixed salad with a smoked paprika dressing.

For Middles

·         Farmhouse Mutton Stew - Our own mutton, slow cooked in the AgA, a real family favourite served with some of Rachael’s minted dumplings, extra mint jelly always available.

·         Wheddon Pork - Loins bursting with apples and filled with melted local cheddar and a Somerset sauce of apples and cream.

·         Chicken and Stilton - chicken breast wrapped in our own bacon, oven baked served in a classic light cream and stilton sauce.

·         Fish Pie - individual creamy mixed fish in a soft white sauce under a blanket of fresh mash.

·         A Mixed Nut Roast - with fresh herbs and a little garlic served with a sweet tomato sauce.

The Finishing post

·         Homemade Meringues - with local clotted cream, fresh fruit and a swizzle of fruit coulis.

·         Rachael’s Dark Chocolate Ice Cream - served in a chocolate nest with a splash of chocky liqueur.

·         Sticky Toffee Pudding - A classic sticky pudding with our own toffee butterscotch sauce.

·         Summer Fruits in a boozy Pimms jelly served with lots of cream.  

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