Monday, 14 May 2012

The veg patch

The veg patch!

Why is it that 3 such words, strike the fear god in any wannabe veg grower with the man (or woman not to genderist) against nature apocalypse that seems to just be around the every corner.

Always thinking & hoping that next year will be the one when the balance of power shifts to your side!

I started this year with just such a positive feeling,  that this was the year when I would concur and this veg patch would be tamed a gladiatorial battle with spade and rake  in hand ……

I weeded, raked, planted & sowed in a fevered commitment that any motivation coach would have been proud of.  I waited, it was the beginning of the year a  time when everything is waiting in the starting blocks for spring to start, with very little rain and  lots of sun, still things didn’t really get going.  I tended well during this time and felt quietly confident that my mission was on course ……

Then the rain came & lots of it for days at a time,  our sheep started to lamb, this year’s lambing went on for 6 weeks (another story about a lazy ram to come).  Time wise lambing is an all-consuming adventure in itself, this being so, I turned my back on our patch and tended our small flock .

During this time the balance of power shifted and my little patch of home grown delights with its well tendered borders, and neat lines of promise turned into war torn trenches, now it looks more like an Amazonian forest and in no way resembles any sort of  horticultural achievement

Aw well there’s always next year!    

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