Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Seasons

The Seasons

Never used to pay very much attention to the seasons, never had to - things just seemed to keep coming round, time was about meetings, deadlines,  projects  and schedules- with little or no time to spare always working at breakneck speed to just keep bobbing along.

Things couldn’t be more different now, sure there’s  lots to do, but there’s more time to do it and the pace is slower. Everything has its own pace which for the most part cannot be hurried. A new born lamb trying to suckle requiring a little help won’t be told  you’ve got a busy day and telling your prize pig that you’ve only got 15 minutes to move her into a new field just doesn’t work!  Things just take as long as they take and that’s the way it is.

 Seasonality is of course now very important to us – whether its planning newly born animals, planting in the veg patch or updating our menus with some of Somerset’s local larder.  We do still watch the time of course but more waiting & planning for the seasons rather than the minutes, hours & days. 

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